We install the integration for you at no cost, and save you money on the processing fees

PC America CRE (also known as Heartland Point of Sale) has long been a favorite POS for liquor stores. Its easy, straight forward system that handles all your basic needs with no “clutter”.

However, many package stores do not have integrated payments with PC America CRE. They instead run a separate credit card terminal. This causes extra steps in each transaction, as well as the possibility of errors.

A much better solution is integrating payments. However, due to the way the integration works, it can be tricky to install.

That’s where we come in. At Merchant Solutions LLC, we regularly help package stores integrate their credit card payment processing with their PCI America CRE point of sale system. We come by in person to do so for our clients located in CT, MA, RI and much of NY.

There is no charge for our integration service. In fact, we’ll save you money on your processing fees.

Our first step is to provide an analysis to determine exactly what we can save you each month. If you choose to proceed, we can typically be ready on our end in just a few business days, and from there we’ll schedule a time convenient for you for the install.

We have no application fees, no set up fees, no annual fee, and a no term contract. We provide you with the PAX S300 PIN pads needed at no additional cost. And we’ll save you money on your processing fees, all while providing personal, ongoing support.

Interested? Please fill out the below form and we’ll reach out to you to discuss.