If you’re wondering how to add online payment forms to your website, you’ve come to the right place.

Hosted online payment forms are a simple way to make it easier for your clients to pay you.  Not only does this result in a satisfied client, but as a business owner you save time manually processing payments, and in addition, get paid faster.  It’s the classic win-win.

An online payment form is not an ecommerce shopping cart where items are selected, added to a cart, shipping calculated, etc.  An online payment form is simply a way to take a payment for either a single fixed amount, or for an amount the customer enters, such as with an invoice payment.

And since you are not hosting the from, there are no additional security requirements for your website.  You are simply hosting a button that, when clicked brings your customer to a secure form.  The “Make Payment” button is just a simple snippet of HTML code that is copy / pasted onto your website to create the button.

Here’s an example (give it a try):

And here is the simple snippet of HTML Code we generate to produce the button.  This just gets copy / pasted onto your website:

<a href=’https://mxmerchant.com/mxcustomer/d/e25832ae-5be3-4ac2-8f0c-abf8cbc54064/v3′><input type=’button’ value=’Make Payment’ /></a>

Don’t have a website? No problem!  As it’s a hosted form, you can email a link to the form along with an invoice, or even have the payment form available via a QR code.

Some great uses for an online payment form include:

  • Payment for invoices
  • Donations
  • Collecting fees or dues
  • Sales of a product or service

Here are some features we offer on our online payment forms:  

Fixed amount vs. open amount: The ability for the customer to add their own amount (IE invoice payment) vs a form that can be set to charged a fixed amount.

Add custom fields: Prompt for things like an invoice number, customer number, reason for payment, or any other information you’d like to request form the customer.       

Email notifications: Have email notification of payment go to one or multiple emails.

Automatic receipt to customer: Customer automatically receives a copy of their receipt via email upon payment. 

Customization: add your logo, change color, fonts and text sizes to match the feel of your website.

ACH Option: Add the ability to take ACH payments (using an account and routing number) and pay just $.39 flat per transaction.

Sync to QuickBooks: The optional ability to sync payments to QuickBooks Online.

Need to collect more data? While the forms we generate are focused on payments, sometimes there is a need to collect more information prior to payment, such as with an application or registration.  For this we integrate our payment processing with a variety of third form generators.


If you are interested in more information on how online payment forms can benefit your business, please enter your information below and we’ll reach out to you to discuss.   Total fixed costs are only $19.95 / month in most cases, and we offer highly competitive rates on the payment processing.