Remove layers of cost and complexity with our free direct payment integration for WooCommerce

If you use WordPress and Woocommerce for your ecommerce website, you know there are usually a few different layers of fees to accept credit card payments:

  • Gateway: the service you use to connect your merchant processing account to Woocommerce, which typically includes a monthly fixed cost and a per transaction fee.
  • Woocommerce Plugin: the plugin that allows Woocommerce to connect to your gateway. This is a separate an annual fee.
  • Your merchant processing fees: And finally, the actual payment processor that collects the payment and deposits it to your bank.

We can help you eliminate the need to pay for a payment gateway AND Woocommerce Plugin with our free direct integration, plus save you money on your merchant processing fees.

Not only do you benefit from cost savings, but you also have fewer moving parts.  Instead of having three entities involved (and 3 different logins, 3 different account numbers, 3 different support desks), you have just one entity that controls the entire transaction process.

We can provide a detailed breakdown, but here are the typical costs and savings we can produce:

 Typical Woocommerce integrationMerchant Solutions LLC
Gateway Fees$25 / month plus $.10 per transaction$0
Woocommerce Plugin $79 / annual$0
Payment Processing rate2.90% + $.302.75% + $.20


How much can this save you?  Depending on the number of transactions you run:

10 / month:        $324 per year, plus 0.15% of sales volume

100 / month:      $540 per year, plus 0.15% of sales volume

1000 / month:   $2700 per year, plus 0.15% of sales volume


Pricing options: We offer the following three options

  • Flat rate: 2.75% + $.20 on all transaction and card types
  • Pay nothing: we pass the fee on to your buyer and you pay nothing (not available in all states)
  • Custom rates: if you’re already processing and think you have a lower rate, send it along and we’ll reduce it by 0.10%, plus provide a no cost integration. 

Start saving today! (Well, this week at least…)

Getting started is easy.  Just fill out the form below and an agent will contact you to go over any questions you have, and once you’re ready, provide you the enrollment form.  Once we receive it back you’re typically ready to start processing with us in 2 business days.

The integration is simple – it involves copying / pasting 2 numbers from our gateway to WooCommerce and pressing save.  And we’re here help you through it if you get stuck.

And unlike most payment companies, you have our team of in-house payment specialist at your disposal.  No need to deal with chat bots, forums and support tickets – these are real, live, experienced payment professionals you can call or email directly.