HELP! I have quarterly sales tax coming due that I can’t pay

If you need money fast to pay your quarterly sales tax, we can help.

We offer fast, easy to qualify for business funding.   You can go from application to deposit often in as little as 3 business days and avoid costly and embarrassing business closures.

To apply, we just need:

  • 1 page application
  • last 4 business bank statements
  • last 4 credit card processing statements

Even if you’re unable to qualify at your bank or other financial institution, we can still usually help.  The primary requirements are you have a 550 plus credit score, and are current on your business lease or mortgage, and you are open for business.

The reason we’re able to assist so fast and effectively is because the funding is not a typical loan.  Instead, we simply agree to purchase a specific amount of your future business revenues at a discount. So you get funding now and repay over time, just like a loan.  But because its receivables purchase and not a loan, the underwriting is much faster, and we’re more concerned with the business performance rather than credit score.

Our repayment terms are 4-12 months and are enough to cover your tax liabilities and get you paid off quickly.

The repayment is typically taken as a percentage of your credit card sales, netted right off the top of each batch.  So your repayment aligns with your business volumes, and there is no monthly payment to budget for.

And once we’ve got you out of your current situation, we can help you budget going forward through batch splitting, so each time your quarterlies come due, you’ve got the money ready and waiting to pay them.

If you need to contact us FAST please call 866.326.3480 X 1 and we can get the application submitted within the hour.

Or if you prefer we reach out to you, please complete the below form and we’ll get you the application and go over any questions.  You can as well send your processing / bank statements up front so we can expedite review.