Quarterleez is automatic budgeting for your quarterly sales tax

At the heart of our Quarterleez program is split credit card batch funding.  This is how we help you budget your sales tax amount.

First, we’ll help you determine the appropriate auto savings amount.  We do this by taking your local sales tax rate, and comparing your credit card vs. cash volume.  With this we can determine how much you need to set away as a percentage of credit card sales.  And we then simply implement a funding directive in that percentage to a separate bank account, automatically building an escrow against your sales tax liability.  While sales may increase or decrease over a quarter, the ratio of cash to credit sales remains consistent.  So you’ll end up with very near the exact amount you need by the end of the quarter, automatically.

And we can very often do this at a net RATE SAVINGS compared to what you are currently paying in processing fees.  So not only are you able to budget your sales taxes, but you’re also partially paying them out of savings on your merchant account fees.  So that’s a win.

Finally, if in the process you’re looking to change or upgrade how you’re processing, we can help there too.  This can be anything from a simple credit card terminal, to adding mobile payment options or online payment forms, to full point of sale systems or software integrations.  We don’t just help with budgeting, we help with improved operations.

So if you’re interested in you can begin by filling out the form below.