Quarterleez is automatic budgeting for your quarterly sales tax


  • At the heart of our Quarterleez program is our unique ability to split fund your credit card batch.

  • Split funding allows a set percentage of each credit card batch to automatically deposit to a separate “sales tax” bank account of your choice, and the rest deposits into your regular operating account.
  • Then, you just go about your business as normal. Each day as you batch your credit cards, you automatically pre-fund your “sales tax” bank account.
  • At the end of the quarter when your sales tax comes due, you have the funds ready and waiting, and in the appropriate amount!!


The best part is what it doesn’t cost.  We can often do this at a net RATE SAVINGS compared to what you are currently paying in processing fees.  So not only are you able to budget your sales taxes, but you’re also partially paying them out of savings on your merchant account fees.  So that’s a win.

We can integrate with many popular point of sale systems, terminals or online software for minimal business impact.  Or if you’re looking to upgrade, we can help there too.

So if you’re interested in you can begin by filling out the form below and we’ll contact you to go over questions.