If you have a difficult time budgeting for sales tax, automation is the solution. 

If you find yourself scrambling at the end of each quarter to pay your state sales taxes, Quarterleez will ensure that you have the funds ready and waiting, in the appropriate amount, when your quarterlies come due.

And if you are already behind and need quick access to capital to make this quarter’s payment, we can help bail you out now, and put in place a plan to not end up in the same position again.

We automate this process via an innovative tool called batch splitting.  We direct a specified percentage of each credit card batch you process to a separate bank account.  As it’s a percentage of sales and not a fixed amount, it naturally aligns with your business volumes to provide a very accurate set aside amount to cover your quarterly sales tax, while avoiding having to estimate, and then have the discipline to set aside, the appropriate funds.

Please see the links below for how we can assist:

HELP! I have quarterlies coming due that I can’t pay

I’m OK at the moment, but need a better way to manage sales taxes going forward 

Simple, clear pricing options: 

Less than $50,000 / month processing:

  • Average ticket greater than $20:               2.69%
  • Average ticket less than $20:                     2.39% + $.15 per transaction

Greater than $50,0000 / month:                          Send statements for analysis



Do I have to change how I process?

In most cases no, sometimes yes.  We’ll help you determine this up front before proceeding.

Is there a cost to get started?

Nope!  Next question.

Is there a term contract?

Again, no!  If for any reason it’s not working out, you can cancel at any time without penalty.

Can I modify or even cancel my payment splits?

Certainly. If at any time you want to change the percentage or even turn a split off completely, just let us know and it can be modified same or next day.

Can I have multiple splits?

Yes.  If you want to split a percentage to more than one account, not a problem.

Does it have to be for tax purposes?

No, the split can be for any purpose you want.  You can use it for a savings account, rainy day fund, saving up for workers comp payments, payment of franchise fees, budgeting for rent, loan repayments, making major purchases…anything you want.

So where are these split funds going?

To whatever bank account you designate.  We are not holding the funds, they deposit to you with each batch you process.  They can go to a bank account you own, or to a third party you designate.

Can the funds split deposit to an interest-bearing account?

Wow, that’s a great idea!  And the answer is yes.

Who are you guys anyway?

Glad you asked.  We’re not a flashy new start up or fintech, Quarterleez is a product of Merchant Solutions LLC.  We are a team of long-time payments industry veterans who know payments inside and out, and recognized a consistent need for this type of service.  Check us out on the BBB, Google or anywhere else you’d like to compare.  Just be wary of similar named competitors, we’re Merchant Solutions LLC located in West Hartford CT.

Do you do anything else? 

Absolutely.  Quarterleez is just one of our products, but we offer other services such as point of sale systems, integrations, ACH processing, ATM services, and cash flow management systems.  We can do as little or as much for your business as you need.


Why you (specifically) need to act now:

If you’re reading this article, don’t take this the wrong way, but you really need to act now.

Its easy to put this off.  Just like it’s easy to put off budgeting for sales tax.  Which is why you’re here in the first place.

The system means you’ll AUTOMATICALLY have your funds available and waiting for you next time your sales tax comes due.  But only works if we implement it BEFORE you need it.

The good news – in most cases, this is really easy.  First step just fill out the form below, and you’ve already got the process started.