Save money and simplify payment flow with our direct Oracle integration

If you use Oracle or Micros point of sale systems, you probably already know the confusion and hassle caused by having three parties – Oracle, the gateway provider, and your merchant account provider – involved any time there is a question, discrepancy, batch submitted with unadjusted tips, or any such payment related matter.  

What you may not realize is that you’re actually paying for the extra layer.  You either pay directly for licensing fees, integration fees or other gateway fees, or the gateway provider is charging those fees to your credit card processor, who in turn has to charge you higher rates than they otherwise could to recoup the cost.  So directly or indirectly, you’re paying for it.

With our direct integration to Oracle, we solve both of these issues, providing a streamlined, low-cost payment integration, while providing you with real time transaction reporting:

  • Cost reduction:  You’ll save money on your payment acceptance fees as you are only paying for one service (the merchant processor), not two (merchant processor fees plus gateway fees).  All third party gateways have fees, either they bill you directly, or they bill your merchant processor, who in turn has to pass the fee on to you. 
  • Simplicity:  In the typical set up you have Oracle, your gateway provider, and your processor.  Our direct integration means its just Oracle to us as the processor.  This means one less point at which there can be a breakage.  It also means that if there is a question, there are only two parties.  So less time spent calling help desks with conflicting accounts.
  • Real time reporting:   Typically the gateway provider sees transactions real time, and the credit card processor doesn’t “see” the transactions until 24 to 48 hours after batch closure.  With our direct integration, we can see the transactions real time.   As well, you can log in form anywhere you have internet access and see the same.
  • MxMerchant services and apps: including online virtual terminal, electronic invoicing, online payment acceptance, recurring payments, QuickBooks integrations, and more!  
  • Tableside Payments: optional tableside payment to increase table turn and security.  

Our integration works with Micros Simphony 1.8 or Res 37000 5.5 or greater on Oracle Payment Interface 19.1.

If your interested in both the simplicity and reduced cost of an Oracle direct integration, please fill out the form below to get started.