If you’re looking for a way to fully offset your credit card fees,

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The rules governing how, or even if, you can add a fee to a credit card transaction are confusing. And they have changed several times over the years, leaving businesses scrambling to amend their programs to remain in compliance. And some states, such as Connecticut and Massachusetts, have laws that outright prohibit you from adding a fee based on method of payment.

However, what you can do is offer dual pricing. This is what gas stations have done for years, and there is nothing prohibiting you from doing the same. This is not adding a fee for payment by credit card, its presenting two price options from which the consumer can then decide.

And a further benefit of a dual pricing option is that it can apply to debit card transactions as well. Even where surcharging is allowed, it can only apply to credit cards. This still leaves the business covering some or even most of the fee depending on the amount of debit cards they receive. With dual pricing, your debit card costs are offset as well.

For some businesses dual pricing is relatively easy to set up, but does require some guidance on wording and implementation.

For other businesses, such as retail or restaurants where there are dozens or even thousands of products, it gets tricky. However, we have software solutions that can automate the process.

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