A customer-focused Merchant Services Company

Are you looking for a merchant services company who….

  • Puts the Service in merchant services by providing personal, ongoing support from a dedicated Certified Payments Professional assigned to oversee your account.
  • Provides a “no strings attached”, no cancellation fee contract up front, without you having to ask.
  • Cares about your business, and takes pride in theirs.
  • Will never…ever…try to lease you equipment or sell you a solution that is not a fit for your business
  • Will see you through your annual PCI questionnaire
  • Will help you implement tools to accelerate your receivables with services like mobile payments, online payments, card on file transactions, electronic invoicing, recurring payments and integrated ACH.
  • Will show you how to produce data rich transactions to improve your marketing, your operations, and spend less time in the back-office reconciling payments, inventory or invoices.
  • Provides a free terminal placement with your account
  • Will help you avoid (and when they do occur, fight and win) payment disputes.
  • ….oh and by the way, does all this for a NET SAVINGS compared to your current payment processor? (Both savings on fees, and a LOT of savings on time and inefficiencies)

Yes, this kind of payment processor exists. And if you’d like to speak with them, please fill out the form below.

“Our reputation is on the line with every transaction”

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