No kid ever says “I want to be a merchant services provider when I grow up!” But sometimes a calling finds you. And well, here we are…

How it started

Merchant Solutions LLC was founded in 2007 with a simple plan to address a market in need. At the time the merchant services industry truly lacked in the service aspect and made up for it with sales. This “churn and burn” mentality was prevalent from agency to agency.

So the idea was simple – a merchant services company that put the merchant first. That backed their service with a dedicated agent on each account to personally provide ongoing support and guidance, not just someone in a suit trained to get an application signed. Incentivize client retention instead of just new client sales. To focus not on how much margin could be made on an account, but on how we can help our clients better utilize electronic payments, and then watch them flourish.

The first step was to remove any reason to remove any barriers to doing business with us. We did this by saying “no”; no application fees, no setup fees, no term contract, and no expensive equipment to buy or lease. All with a guaranteed savings, which we determine upfront through a detailed analysis. Unlike others in the business, we were ready to work for our money. With a limited budget and many a long, long day (and night), we got to work.

Fast-forward to 2017. We maintain an A+ rating with the BBB, a 5 star rating on Google, and staff our office with Certified Payments Professionals, and 90%+ of our business is through referral, and service hundreds of satisfied clients nationwide.

It wasn’t the fast way, it wasn’t the easy way, but it’s the right way. Not too bad for a crazy idea.

Putting our OCD tendencies to work for you

“A Visa Rewards 2 card is manually entered with an AVS match, is settled within 24 hours of authorization, and the settled amount matches the authorized amount, for a business with a Merchant Category Code of 5983, and should, therefore, receive a Retail 2 interchange rate. But it doesn’t, it’s getting an EIRF rate. And that’s costing the client money.   So why is this happening?”

First and foremost, to excel in this industry, you have to be genuinely interested. You have to eat, sleep and breathe this stuff to truly understand it.   There’s no simple “how to” guide that can be easily referenced, or 800 number that has all the answers. There are multiple players from the issuer to the acquirer to the merchant to the cardholder, various card brands, different card types, software, equipment, processing platforms, VARs, apps, gateways – you name it. How do they all work together? There is only one way to find out – testing, questioning, re-testing, improving, and finally deploying.

Experience – we only know one way to get it

One thing that is amazing about this business is how few barriers to entry there are a new agent. You’d think there is extensive training, licensing and compliance involved. The reality is, it’s shocking how many businesses entrust 90% or more of their transactions to someone with only a very basic understanding of what they are doing, trained in closing sales, not in merchant services.

At Merchant Solutions LLC, your account is handled by a trained Certified Payments Professional, which is the only accreditation for the merchant services industry. We have over 30 years combined experience in the merchant services business. And that’s not sales experience, that’s account management experience. There’s a big difference.

The mad scientists of the merchant services business

While our clients run their business each day, we work behind the scenes to address and solve questions before they arise, and to find solutions to the questions they don’t yet have.   We do this by working in the trenches. We don’t just sell the service, we provide the ongoing support. Meaning we don’t just read off a sales slick, we “get our hands dirty” providing day to day service to our existing clients on the same software, apps, services and hardware we suggest to our prospective clients. We know our products inside and out.   And if they break, we are the ones that have to fix them. So we understand the importance of providing the right solutions.

In short, we take all the crazy, esoteric parts of this business and put them into implementable solutions for our clients.

..and how does this all help me?

We thought you’d never ask. Clients of Merchant Solutions LLC have an ally in the payments industry. They know who they’re going to get when they pick up the phone to call. They can trust that their question will be answered quickly and that they can trust the answers they get. It’s inevitable that sometimes things do go wrong. But our clients don’t fret or worry, they know they have an agent working to make it alright while they go about taking care of their business.

Knowledge, Integrity, Service, Savings. It’s what we do.

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