ATM Service: collecting the surcharge is just the beginning

Make money, offset credit card fees, attract customers, and save trips to the bank. We’ll show you how.

Many think that an ATM is there for the customer’s convenience. When done correctly, its done for the business owner’s benefit.

First, who should consider having an ATM? If any of the following apply to your business, consider yourself a prime candidate:

  • Your average transaction is less than $20
  • More than 25% of your sales are cash
  • You sell lottery tickets
  • You have more than 10-20% EBT transactions
  • You own a restaurant or any place that has food items
  • You operate a hotel, motel, or anything that services travelers who don’t want to look for a bank
  • Any convenience store or gas station
  • You are not within walking distance of another ATM or bank

Why have an ATM on premises?

  • Make money: The most obvious reason to put an ATM in your business is to make the surcharge. Ever wonder where that fee goes when you take out cash? With us you pay just $.25 per transaction and keep rest of the surcharge on each withdrawal.
  • Attract customers: ATM’s create foot traffic, and foot traffic can be turned into customers. Particularly if you sell anything edible.
  • Offset credit card sales: Making cash available helps offset your credit card fees. This is particularly true on small ticket transactions which are the highest cost to process. A $5 transaction can easily cost $.30 – $.40 or more to process, but if that same customer takes cash out of the ATM, you make $2-3 in surcharge fees. So on average you make about $3 additional on a $5 transaction!
  • Save trips to the bank: Deposit your $20’s in the ATM at the end of the night, and as your customer with draw the funds, they are automatically credited to your bank account. So you save trips to the bank!

How we can help:

  • Purchase: We offer new (and when available refurbished) ATM’s for purchase. We install and train, and you start making money from day one.
  • Use to own: for qualified locations we offer “use to own” options. We put the ATM there at $0 out of pocket to you and we collect the surcharge until the ATM is paid off, then you own it!
  • Reprogram: Do you already own an ATM, and make less than $2 per transaction?  As long as it is up to compliance, we can re-program it and you start monetizing your existing ATM withdrawals from day one!

Interested in learning more? Please fill out the below form and we’ll reach out to you to discuss:

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