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Introducing Plastiq

With Plastiq, you can use your credit card to issue payments to vendors via check!Plastiq allows you to tap into your existing business credit to take advantage of fast payment discounts, bulk order discounts, or to cover invoices that may otherwise be delayed. Paying...

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API integrations

Choose a payment processor with an API, an API with a payment processor.If you have a system that has an open API, or are a developer that uses APIs to create your applications, the “go to” for many is Stripe.  There are two main reasons: Robust API: They do this...

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Oracle point of sale direct integration

Save money and simplify payment flow with our direct Oracle integrationIf you use Oracle or Micros point of sale systems, you probably already know the confusion and hassle caused by having three parties – Oracle, the gateway provider, and your merchant account...

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Quarterleez sales tax management

Quarterleez is automatic budgeting for your quarterly sales tax  At the heart of our Quarterleez program is our unique ability to split fund your credit card batch. Split funding allows a set percentage of each credit card batch to automatically deposit to a...

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Remove layers of cost and complexity with our free direct payment integration for WooCommerceIf you use Wordpress and Woocommerce for your ecommerce website, you know there are usually a few different layers of fees to accept credit card payments: Gateway: the service...

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