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API integrations

Choose a payment processor with an API, an API with a payment processor.If you have a system that has an open API, or are a developer that uses APIs to create your applications, the “go to” for many is Stripe.  There are two main reasons: Robust API: They do this...

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Oracle point of sale direct integration

Save money and simplify payment flow with our direct Oracle integrationIf you use Oracle or Micros point of sale systems, you probably already know the confusion and hassle caused by having three parties – Oracle, the gateway provider, and your merchant account...

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Quarterleez sales tax management

Quarterleez is automatic budgeting for your quarterly sales taxAt the heart of our Quarterleez program is split credit card batch funding.  This is how we help you budget your sales tax amount. First, we’ll help you determine the appropriate auto savings amount.  We...

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Remove layers of cost and complexity with our free direct payment integration for WooCommerceIf you use Wordpress and Woocommerce for your ecommerce website, you know there are usually a few different layers of fees to accept credit card payments: Gateway: the service...

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Bad excuses that cost your business money

Reviewing your credit card processing services is easier than you think.  If you hear yourself saying any of the following, we can help! “I’m under contract” Being under contract doesn’t mean you can’t change providers.  It means that you have to pay a fee to change...

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