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Cost-effective solutions accelerate your accounts receivable and eliminate bad debt.

Some business owners avoid electronic payments like the plague, while simultaneously racking up 6 figure accounts receivables and worse, bad debt. The cost of electronic payment acceptance in many cases far outweighs the cost of waiting to get paid. Or not getting paid.

As part of our service, we’ll show you how and when it makes sense to accept electronic payment rather than wait on a check. We’ll do this by applying some simple calculations to determine your true cost of invoicing compared to the actual total cost of accepting payment electronically. You’ll be left with a payment policy that maximizes for both cost and efficiency.

And once we’ve determined when electronic payments make sense, we go a step further with systems to make collecting that payment efficient for both your staff and your client. Services like card on file transactions, electronic invoicing, web payment forms and automated recurring billing get the funds in your bank account before the client would ever even have received a snail-mail invoice. And on the back end, we offer services like QuickBooks integrations and advanced online reporting so reconciliation is a breeze, greatly reducing the time it takes your bookkeeper to balance.

Fundamental to your business:

  • Cost efficiency (Interchange Optimization): The vast majority of your fee is determined by what information you enter when you process the transaction. Not only will we show you how to do it properly, we have systems that can automate the proper information to qualify for Leve II and Level III interchange. This is the difference between a 2.95% rate and a 1.85% rate on the exact same card.
  • Converting receivables to deposits: Many businesses don’t realize that the cost of generating and tracking invoices, cash flow delays, not to mention bad debt write offs cost businesses more than the cost of just taking the payment on a credit card. We can show you when it makes sense, and how to take these payments efficiently with systems like card on file transactions, electronic invoicing, and automated recurring billing.
  • Accelerate Sales: Many of your clients have tedious procurement procedures, but can order anything up to a certain limit on a credit card. Conversely, many of your clients or perspective clients would love to order from you today, but don’t have the cash. Accepting plastic means you’ll get these orders you wouldn’t otherwise receive. And it makes your client more productive in the process.
  • ACH services: Particularly for larger transactions, ACH services are a VERY low cost way to collect payment from your clients without having to invoice.   This way YOU control when you get paid on your invoice, not your client.
  • Continuity and staff training: The best part is, Merchant Solutions will manage staff training on our systems, provide ongoing support service from a dedicated account rep. You don’t have to change systems, retrain staff, or be left calling a 1-800 number help desk. With larger transactions,

Applicable business types:

Fleet Services
IT Support
Shipping / logistics
Telecom providers

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