Card On File Services


Leverage card on file payment methods to reduce or eliminate your A/R and bad debt.

Accounts receivable. While it shows on your books as an asset, you know it can quickly become a liability if you don’t get paid. You can’t write a check against an asset to pay your staff, your vendors, or yourself.

Is it better to have a $10,000 outstanding receivable, or $9700 and change in the bank tomorrow? For many the latter is preferable. Or, it may depend on the job, the client, the time of year. But by not having the tools to execute the transaction when needed, you forgo the option.

Orders paid before they leave your dock, jobs paid for before the crew leaves in the morning, or installment or progress payments collected the day the progress point is met, all with reduced office time spent on issuing, chasing down and tracking invoices. We’ll show you how and when to accept electronic payment on receivables, and how to do so at the lowest total cost and greatest convenience.

By holding customer payment credit card / ACH payment information “on file” in a secure offsite manner you’ll experience:

  • Accelerated cash flow: Get paid immediately with customer preauthorization
  • Reduced A/R: Have money in the bank instead of waiting for payment
  • Eliminate slow pays and loss to bad debit: you can’t lose on credit you didn’t issue
  • Happier clients: They get their rewards points, you get paid, no one has to call collections
  • Faster orders: Many companies give employees leeway to pay on a company card, but have to submit a requisition order to get a PO to order otherwise. Help your client get out of their own way.
  • Back office time savings: eliminate time and cost associated with printing, mailing, reconciling and chasing payments.
  • Multiple card on file capability: If your client has multiple credit cards, you can associate all of them with one customer profile.
  • ACH: For the lowest possible cost, we can as well provide ACH services with the same “on file” capabilities.
  • Security: Tokenization. In a nutshell, you don’t have the card number, you have a way to remotely access the card number only for transactions into your account.
  • Design credit policy: Sometimes it makes sense to wait for a check. Other times it’s better to collect electronic payment. We can help you understand when to apply which.

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