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Do you have the wrong merchant solutions?

There are a lot of companies called "Merchant Solutions" make sure you are contacting the right one. If you’ve found this page, you may have the wrong “Merchant Solutions”.   And we mean that in more way than one. There are hundreds of companies in the payment...

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How to reduce credit card processing fees

Credit Card Processing 101 – 5 simple steps you can do to reduce your credit card processing fees, starting today By Andrew Moran, CPP “Credit or debit?” Far too often when I go to a retail location that accepts debit cards, I hear “credit or debit?” While it seems...

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Help! My processor is holding my funds

High ticket requests and held funds – what businesses should know Congratulations business owner, you’ve just made a big sale! You ran your buyers credit card, waited tensely for those few seconds as the transaction processes, and… APPROVED! You smile and think to...

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