Electronic Invoicing

Want to get paid faster? Invoice faster.

Smart businesses combine electronic invoicing and electronic payments to clear invoices in hours, not weeks. We’ll show you how.

An invoice represents a request for payment for goods or services you’ve already rendered. You’ve paid for the materials, labor, equipment, fuel, and all your depreciated fixed costs, to get the job done. The last thing you need is to wait on getting paid. Electronic invoices allow you to get the invoice to your client instantly, and payment to get back to you much faster than waiting on a check.

The process is simple. You log in and create an invoice on our systems (or created in QuickBooks and upload to us) which is emailed to your client. They click a link in the email that displays the itemized invoice and a field in which they can enter their credit card info. The payment is processed real time, and the invoice is marked “paid”.

Some of the features and benefits of electronic invoicing include:

Note: you may also want to check out Web Payment Forms for additional invoice payment options.

  • Accelerate payment: Instead of waiting on paper documents to be mailed back and forth, your customer receives the invoice immediately and can make payment in moments. If your customers are consumers, then it’s simply a matter of convenience for them to pay right away on a credit card rather than remember to write and mail a check. If your customers are other businesses, in many cases it’s not an easy process to get a check issued, but they may have discretion to pay invoices by credit card.
  • No “phone tag” required: Often times if someone wants to pay an invoice by credit card, they have to call in to do so. Sometimes no one is available and a game of phone tag ensues. Or maybe you find yourself taking a call while you are out of the office and writing down a card number to process a payment later. With an electronic invoice, they can pay you directly, privately and securely, be it during regular business hours, the middle of the night, or over the long holiday weekend.
  • Multiple payment options: With one payment form you can accept credit, ACH or even allow them to print and mail back with a paper check. You can allow the client to pick which option they prefer or offer only the payment options you desire. This can even be adjusted on a per invoice level.
  • Cost savings: Many businesses tend to overlook the cost of traditional invoicing. Someone has to be paid to print, mail, follow up on, receive payment, deposit and track the payment. And the paper, ink and postage all cost money too. Finally, there is the cost of cash flow. At the very least you could be putting that money to good use, and at worst you are delaying another project or tapping into credit while you await payment. In many cases, electronic invoicing can actually REDUCE the cost of payment acceptance. We can help you make determinations as to when electronic invoicing makes sense.
  • Close more sales. Faster: If you’ve ever sold anything, you know there is a huge difference between a client that is “going to” and a client that has paid. Electronic invoicing can be used to help close that gap by making it easy for them to issue the payment while the impulse is still with them to do so.
  • Organized A/R: Help better organize your accounts receivable and forecasting. When you view our dashboard, you’ll be able to track what payments are paid, what payments are due, and when they are due. We can even synchronize your electronic invoices with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise or Online.
  • Faster re-orders: Your clients may want to reorder from you right now, but they know they have unpaid invoices that are nearly due or past due. They may just not have the cash in their checking account to pay you, but do have it available on their credit card. By allowing them to pay you, you’ve shortened the reorder cycle.
  • Happier customers: Your clients will appreciate the convenience of paying you via credit card. They will pay you faster. Their happy to get their rewards points and buyer protection afforded by credit card. And, its awkward for your clients when your clients owe you and can’t pay. Making it easy for your customers makes them happier.

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