Is Merchant Solutions A Fit For you?

Our niche is not servicing a particular type of industry, its servicing clients of a particular mindset

Many of the solutions we provide are the same across industries.  But the psychological profile of our greatest successes are the same.

If below describes you, your business, and what you’d like to achieve, Merchant Solutions is highly positioned to assist you.

Maximizing business efficiency is a priority

We don’t specialize in the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” types.  Just because a system “ain’t broke” doesn’t mean it’s operating efficiently.  We are sticklers for efficiency, and if you are too, we’ll work well together.

Merchant Solutions provides you with a dedicated account rep that not only fully understands the applications they support, but also understands your real-world business concerns, and knows how to pair the two to create maximum efficiency for your business.

You know from experience you need a “person” at the other end of the line, not a call center

Call centers are great for looking up a transaction or troubleshooting terminal connection.  They are NOT ideal if your business has to routinely call in about more complex issues that require you to begin “from the top” every time you get a new rep on the phone.   

Wouldn’t it be great to have a dedicated agent you can explain it to once, and have them get back to you with the resolution?

When you work with Merchant Solutions LLC, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Certified Payment Professional (CPP), personally charged with managing your account from initial consultation to 10 years down the road.  For more about the ETA’s CPP program, please see:    

You deal in larger, high-value transactions

If you take these kinds of transactions, you already know the potential pitfalls.   

When you process with Merchant Solutions, you have a Certified Payments Professional to help you.  If a transaction is disputed by the cardholder, we offer personal service in crafting a response to satisfy the specific criteria the banks need to decide the case in your favor.  We provide clear expectations to underwriting on the nature of your transactions, and then clear expectations from underwriting back to you.  This avoids held funds on big-ticket transactions.  Finally, we are innovators in the field of “interchange optimization”, showing you how to process large B2B transactions for the same or lower cost than processing consumer credit cards.     

You have multiple payment channels or multiple locations

“Mo’ money, mo’ problems?” Not necessarily.  If your business has multiple locations, or even one location with multiple payment channels (in-store, online, field staff with mobile, etc), we can show you how to efficiently manage and consolidate these into reconciliation that is anything manageable to automatic, depending on your business needs.  We’ll be your bookkeeper’s new best friend.

You’re interested in accelerating receivables

Some business owners avoid electronic payments like the plague, while simultaneously racking up five and six-figure accounts receivables and worse, bad debt.  We’ll show you how and when it makes sense to accept electronic payment rather than wait on a check, by applying some simple calculations to determine your true cost of invoicing compared to the actual total cost of accepting payment electronically.  You’ll be left with a payment policy that maximizes for both cost and efficiency.

And once we determine when they make sense, we’ll show you how to use systems like card-on-file transactions, electronic invoicing, web payment forms and automated recurring billing to get the funds in your bank account, before the client would ever even have received a snail-mail invoice.

You aren’t afraid of technology

You don’t have to be “tech savvy”, but you do need to be “not afraid”.  We’re here to help guide you, and perhap, more importantly,y your staff, through initial set up, implementation and ongoing support on all the technologies we provide.  You just have to use them.   The efficiency is automatic.

You’re growing

We take on many businesses that start small and grow over time.  We regularly provide solutions that say “at this point your best bet is to do _____, once you hit $X sales volume it makes sense to ____”. Wouldn’t it be great to not have to go out and constantly find new solutions for your growing business, but to have them ready and mapped out for you?  That’s what we do.

You accept between $20,000 and $500,000 of electronic payments monthly

Below a certain volume, there really isn’t the complexity there to warrant what we provide.  Beyond a certain size, there are in house staff and specialized systems that handle these things.  While we have plenty of exceptions above and below these volumes, this is our “sweet spot”.

You are a charity, non-profit or civic organization

Going from “sweet spots” to “soft spots”, we are happy to assist charities, non-profits and civic organizations of almost any size.  For a non-profit, job one is collecting donations.  We take same tools our business clients use, and show non-profits how to leverage them to increase sales and donations via their website, social media, mail, email campaigns and in person, and how to convert one time donations into ongoing giving.  It puts a smile on our faces when we put big deposits into your bank account.

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