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Credit Card Processing for Today’s Medical & Dental Offices

The medical industry has changed.  Has your payment acceptance kept up?

Gone are the good old days of getting paid by the insurer.  To survive, you must adapt.  Here’s how.

With the increased burden of payment collection placed on the provider, efficient electronic payment systems are critical to the future of your practice.  Where credit card payments may have only accounted for a small fraction of your total monthly revenue a few years ago, today your practice may see up to half your monthly volume coming in electronically.  How did we get here?

The implementation of the ACA means higher deductibles and higher co-pays, leaving you responsible for collecting much or in some cases all of the payment directly from your patient.

The rising use of HSA cards, resulting in increased electronic payment volumes both at the point of service and for invoice payments.

Insurers issuing claims payments to providers via single-use “virtual credit cards”.

While electronic payment volumes have skyrocketed, for many practices the systems used to handle the payments have evolved little if at all.  Many doctors don’t realize the time staff spends coding, invoicing, explaining, collecting, chasing and reconciling payments.   These are all hours that show up in your payroll expense.  Managing accounts receivable is a hidden cost many practices are only starting to realize.

And rate-wise, if your payments volume has doubled or tripled, do you really think you should continue to pay the same rates?

Fundamental to your business:

HSA cards: Due to the increased cost of insurance, many patients are opting for Health Savings Accounts.   While an HSA card is a debit card, many practices continue to pay higher credit card rates on these transactions.  The result is often paying triple the rate (OR MORE!) than they need to every single time they take an HSA card.

Insurer payments (Interchange optimization):  Recently, many insurers are opting to pay claims on one time use “virtual credit cards”.  These are large value, card not present (keyed), B2B transactions, previously unheard of in the medical field.  Did you know that the underlying cost (interchange) to process these transactions can vary from as low as 1.85% to as high as 2.95%, on the exact same card, depending on what information you input?  We provide systems that automatically qualify your transactions at the best possible rates.  Saving 1.1% on a $5000 transaction is a $55 savings to process ONE sale!  We’ll show you how.

Multi-location management:  If your practice has multiple locations, you know coordinating payments can be a hassle.   Some practices are still “calling in” the card number to the main office to process the sale.  We can show you efficient ways to leverage phone or tablet-based mobile processing, virtual terminals you can access from anywhere, and manage it all through one back-end reporting system for ease of reconciliation.

Alternative collection methods: We’ll show you how to leverage:

  • Card on file transactions: Put a card “on file” at the time of the co-pay to collect future balances due.
  • Web payment forms: Direct your clients to pay via your website rather than wait on mailed checks or having to write their card number on the payment stub.
  • Electronic invoicing: Email invoices to clients which they can pay via credit card or ACH
  • Recurring payment plans: Help patients reduce large payments with automated payment installment plans.

Medical specific processing solutions:

  • Help estimate total cost up front taking into account procedure costs, insurer discounts, co-pays and deductibles to give your patient an up-front cost estimate.
  • On the spot patient credit checks
  • Robust online client payment portal allows clients to view invoices, statements and manage multiple payment methods.
  • Create payment plans via credit or ACH
  • Back office reporting that integrates seamlessly with your existing Practice Management Software (PMS)

Applicable business types:


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