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Faster, more secure, reduce your cost and accelerate your cash flow. Mobile processing apps

It wasn’t long ago that mobile transactions required bulky, expensive and inconsistent mobile terminals. With the rise of mobile apps, your cell phone or tablet can now act as a terminal…or point of sale system…all off your existing data. Just download an app, plug in a reader, and go!

However, not so fast.   There are a myriad of different mobile apps out there, and they all have their niche. Do you use an Apple product or an Android? Do you need to record inventory? Would it be helpful to record invoice numbers to synchronize with QuickBooks? Is the mobile app part of a larger, integrated payments ecosystem? Is mobile EMV a consideration?

At Merchant Solutions LLC, not only do we offer mobile apps, we offer an array of mobile apps and know how to fit the correct mobile app to your business consideration. This provides improved functionality, consolidated reporting, and fewer costly and confusing redundant systems. We’ll show you the shortest point from A to B.

And while everyone knows a mobile app is a great solution for a food truck, fair, or other mobile retail type applications, mobile apps are greatly underutilized by service providers such as contractors to help close sales faster and reduces receivables.

Why mobile? Because:

Leave with payment, not invoice: If your business requires you or your staff to do in person installation work, a mobile app is a great way to leave with a payment, rather than sending an invoice. We can even tie the payments to QuickBooks.

Close more sales on the spot: take a deposit on the spot when quoting a job to expedite the sales process. Even if it is a small refundable deposit, it “locks in” the customer so your staff doesn’t need to chase the client to schedule the job.

Get card present transaction rates: Every time you use a mobile app to process a transaction, an angel gets its wings. Ok, not quite, but card present sales process at a lower total cost than keyed. So collecting payment through a mobile app drives down your total processing fees!

Security and puts customer at ease: There are few things less comforting than listening to someone read your card number off to someone else over the phone. But if there is, its someone walking off with your card number written down. Put your customer at ease with on the spot mobile processing.

EMV mobile: Want to get the security of an EMV “chip card” transaction via mobile? We’ve got you covered!

QuickPay and Mobile POS: Our various solutions provide everything from simple “Quick payment” options (enter the amount to be billed and run the card) to mobile point of sale which can store inventory, adjust quantity, apply taxes, discounts, collect tips, and produced an itemized receipt.

Email receipts and marketing: And you thought emailed receipts were just about “going green?” Email and text receipt options allow you to collect client email and tie to purchasing habits for better marketing.

Options – No “one size fits all”: No matter what you are looking to accomplish – from the simple, to the robust, to the fully custom – we have ways of making it work!

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