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If you’d like more donations, make it easier for your benefactors to donate.

We provide the tools that allow you to collect more donations from more donors more often.

“Hello, I am your target donor. I lead a very busy life, have a short attention span, and don’t carry my checkbook   I saw your appeal for support and I’d love to help but…oh, look, a squirrel!”

While there is some debate as to the exact number, the average attention span of someone surfing online is about 8 seconds. And if you’ve ever done a web, email, social media or even mail campaign, you know that it can be disheartening to see how many people you reach relative to how few donations you receive. Often times it’s not that people don’t intend to give, they simply don’t have a convenient way to act on that impulse in the 8 seconds before it passes.

We’re here to help you bridge that gap. We apply many of the same techniques and services we use to help our business clients accelerate their receivables to the non-profit world, to help you increase your donations.

As well, we realize many non-profits are volunteer organizations. We put the organization in your organization, with easy to use systems that record your donations by donor no matter how you collect the payment (think tax time), automate email receipts (collect email addresses), resulting in a clean database of your donors. We take the time to walk your staff (yes, even YOUR staff) through how to use these systems and provide the ongoing support they, or you, may need.

Here are just a few of the ways we’ll help you accomplish this:

  • Increasing donations: The primary reason to accept electronic payments is simple – it makes it easier for your benefactors to give immediately, on the spot.
  • Web payment forms: Create professional, secure, and easy to use web payment forms to collect more donations. No coding needed, you can do it yourself without even the need for a web designer. You simply input the logo and text you’d like, and we create a secure payment link that can be copied onto your website, shared via social media, email campaigns, etc. Since we host the form, there is no additional security (HTTPS / TLS) needed for your website. Set up multiple payment forms and track which funds should be attached to which beneficiary.
  • Recurring giving: We can help you to establish recurring gifts on an annual, quarterly, monthly or even weekly basis. While many charitable organizations focus on one-time gifts, over time you’ll collect much more with smaller, ongoing donations. They also help establish a donation base each month which helps with managing cash flow.
  • Event ticketing: We’ve all done it. You may have every intention of going to an event, but sometimes life gets in the way. By pre-selling the event ticket online instead of just at the door, you collect payment up front. Not only does this help with cash flow and planning, but also means that you don’t “lose” anyone last minute.
  • Events and mobile payments: Utilize our mobile payments app to collect payment for events and functions. Sell entrance tickets, raffle tickets, food and beverages, and donated items through our mobile app. Best of all, you can even track which your selling so you know concession sales vs. donations, for example.
  • Raffles at events – tap credit instead of just cash: Doing a silent auction or live auction at your event? The ability to accept a credit card is a must. Think about how much cash is in your wallet at this moment. Now think about the combined limit of all the credit and debit cards in your wallet. By accepting credit card at your event, you give your donors the ability to tap into the latter…and they will, greatly increasing the success of such events.
  • Retain members: If you manage a membership organization, be it fraternal, civic or otherwise, one of the most difficult tasks is retaining membership. Notices go out, checks come in, and each year more and more members simply drop off. By allowing your members to pay their dues on credit card, you will retain more members that may not be able to write a check.   Or, offer monthly options and collect the payment automatically with our recurring billing services.
  • Interchange for charities: Not only will we bring you all the above, but we’ll do so at a reduced rate. Many don’t realize that Visa, Discover and Amex all have special rate programs for registered charities, education and certain other non-profits. A processor can either pass these savings on or charge regular “retail” rates and pocket the difference. As a rule, we provide even the smallest of applicable non-profits with access to these special charity rate programs.

Applicable organization types:

Amateur sports competition
Chambers of Commerce
Civic leagues
Homeowners associations literary
Labor organizations
Military organizations
Social and recreational clubs
Testing for public safety

NOTE: Card brand rules state that if you are fundraising or collecting donations in any way shape or form, you have to do so as a registered 501c.

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