Point of Sale Transactions

Need help managing your business?

You don’t need more employees. You need better technology. Enter the tablet-based point of sale system.

It wasn’t long ago that point of sale systems were expensive, complicated, and required a technician to install and manage.  And as such, they were a luxury only larger entities could afford.

With modern cloud-based point of sale systems, a full function point of sale system can now cost less than a terminal and cash register.   Instead of expensive hardware like workstations, servers, and a myriad of wires to connect it all, they use tablets.  Instead of a technician, they are plug and play.  And instead of a server that needs to be purchased, maintained and updated, they are cloud based with real-time updates, enhancements, and live, remote support that is a click away.

Cloud-based also means you can access real-time data from anywhere you have an internet connection, so you never have to worry about what is in the register, what time your staff clocked in and out.  It also means that you can deduct inventory from a single database to manage multiple sales channels (in-store, mobile, online).  And with the Clover App store, it means that any enhancements you want are only a click away.

Here are just a few of the industry-specific applications and features:

All business types:
Social media tie-ins: set up scheduled posting to social media, manage adds, link customers to your social media from your receipt.  Solicit customer feedback to improve service or attract more customers.

Marketing: Market to your customers through text, online, social media, email, and more!

Gift card, couponing and loyalty programs: Send gift cards or rewards directly to your customer’s mobile device to encourage re-visits.

Reporting and analytics: What are your best selling products?  Which products contribute most to overall profitability?  Do different staff members make better sales, or is it scheduling?  Analytics galore will help you run a more profitable business.

Timeclock and scheduling: Online schedule management with email and text notifications to your employees.  Time clock punch in / punch out, which can be exported and sent to your payroll processor.


Move the line: Check out options include touch screen inventory selection, input by SKU, integrated barcode scanner, or hand-held bar code scanner for fast, accurate checkouts.

Report on inventory: Never get caught short again.  Manage stock levels, low inventory alerts, and even send purchase orders right from the workstation.

Sell online: Create an e-commerce store with just a few clicks. Not only can you sell online, but all inventory can deduct from a shared database with your in-store inventory.    

Mobile options: If you need to make sales on the road or at events, our mobile options handle all your inventory, tax calculations, cash management and reporting.


Table management: assign, transfer and close out tables with table management.  Provides the ability to split checks by diner, by item, divide equally, or custom.

Online ordering:  Easy to set up online ordering sends paid online orders directly to your kitchen printer.  Less time on the phone, more orders, and faster delivery.

Delivery management tracking: Determine addresses automatically by phone number, most efficient delivery routes based on order time and stops, and even provide real-time order tracking to your customers to enhance satisfaction and reduce calls.

Ingredient tracking: Ingredient level tracking for food and drinks helps you both manage your orders, and figure out your food costs and “missing” profitability!

Waitlisting: Provide a text message notification to diners waiting on tables.

Food truck management:  Including schedules, locations, and social media tie-ins, always “get found”, and determine your most profitable locations and times.

Linked workstations: An order can be started on one workstation and modified or paid on another.

Bar / Club:

Bar tab pre-auths: pre-authorize their credit card and hand it back to them.  No managing lost cards, and avoid getting “stiffed” on the tab.

Age verification: Verify the validity of any state issued ID to avoid fake ids and underage patrons.

Bottle tracking: A liter bottle is approx. 34 oz, so you should get roughly 22 shots out of it. But you’re not, and that’s eating into your profitability.  Where is it going?  Bottle tracking helps determine who pouring out your profits.

EMV transactions: With other industries already using EMV, the restaurant is one of the last to still swipe, leaving you 100% liable for stolen card fraud.  Our EMV solutions allow for “normal” tip adjustment (tip line on receipt) with the protection of EMV.


Convert in store to e-commerce: Cart function allows you to, with just a few clicks, publish your entire in-store inventory for sale online.

Linked inventory database: Since in-store and online sales use a common inventory database, you never have to worry about syncing inventory.  Sell one of an item online, and sell one of the same in store, and two total are deducted from your inventory.  Avoids backorders, and automatically takes 0 qty items out of stock on the website.

Same merchant account: Typically, to sell both retail and e-commerce, you would have needed an in-store merchant account and point of sale system, and a separate shopping cart, merchant account, and gateway for your online store.  We’ll show you how to consolidate this all into one account and one database.  Not only does this simplify your recordkeeping and reconciliation, you reduce redundant fees in the process.

Salon / Spa:

Appointment management: Set up online appointment scheduling, or integrate directly with your current Booker system.

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