AnywhereCommerce Walker 2 – Bluetooth (for MxMerchant apps)


Bluetooth credit card reader compatible with MxMerchant MxExpress and MxRetail apps ONLY!

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Anywhere Commerce Walker 2 – Bluetooth

Similar to the Walker C2X, but does not include contactless payment option, and for a lower cost.

App compatibility: For our MxMerchant Express, MxMerchant Retail apps ONLY! NOT COMPATIBLE with other apps or software.

Device compatibility: Compatible for Android and iOS operating systems

Improve credit card processing: Get card present transaction rates, security, and speed of payment by utilizing this reader in conjunction with a mobile processing app

Transaction types: Allows for EMV, swiped.

Includes: card reader, case, and charger

Brand new device: not used or refurbished

Processing ability: Up to 400 transactions per charge

Audio jack reader also available: This is a Bluetooth reader and as such needs to be paired to your device.  

AnywhereCommerce Walker C2X – Audio Jack (for MxMerchant apps)

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