Pax S80 terminal w/ SP30 PIN Pad – New


This all in one kit includes the terminal, PIN pad and associated power cable and PIN pad cable.

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The PAX S80 is the top of the line terminal from PAX and is broadly compatible across a host of processing networks.

PAX terminals can handle multi-merchant, gift card, and other higher capacity file builds.

This all in one kit includes the terminal, PIN pad and associated power cable and PIN pad cable.

FAST:  when processing over the internet, typical processing time on an EMV chip transaction is 2-3 seconds.  A great choice when you need a fast check out.

Ease of use: It’s an extremely easy terminal to work with for you or your staff.

Transaction Options: Supports credit, debit, PIN debit, EBT, and Contactless (Applepay, Google Wallet, Android Pay Tap-to-Pay) transactions

Customer facing / PIN transactions: you enter amount in the terminal, customer makes payment selection (credit, debit or contactless) from the PIN Pad.  The card never leaves the customer’s hand.

Communication options: Can be set up to process over internet, over the phone line, or to process over the internet primary with an automatic dial backup feature if internet is down (IP much faster for processing)

Capacity: This terminal holds 2 ¼” x 85’ thermal rolls, which is up to 70% more than similar terminals, saving you time and money on changing paper.

Automatic Updates: This terminal picks up automatic updates, so everything from changing the time on the terminal to operating system updates can be done automatically, remotely, without the need to spend hours on the phone with support walking through downloads or updates.

Encrypted Device: Please be sure to select the proper encryption for your processor.  IF YOU ARE NOT SURE WHICH ENCRYPTION YOU NEED, PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE ORDERING.

One Year Warranty: Includes full one-year warranty on hardware, with optional two-year warranty which can be added at check out.

Includes PIN pad Cable: Includes standard 3ft cable.

Brand new terminal / PIN pad: This is a new-in-box terminal and PIN pad set.  If you’d like to save a few bucks on a refurbished version of the same, please see:

Pax S80 terminal w/ SP30 PIN Pad – Refurb

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