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Credit Card Processing for Today’s Professional Services Provider

You’ve got a lot going on. Let’s make managing payments one less thing.

We offer cost-effective tools to get paid faster, more frequently, and streamline your reconciliation process.

If you’ve found this page, let us start with “we get it”. As a professional services provider, you’ve got a lot going on. Crews to get on the road, estimates to get to, office staff to manage, and all the day to day operational challenges that come with it. The last thing you need to worry about is your ability to collect payment.

Professional service providers encompass a wide range of business types, but if you can identify with any of the following:

  • Estimators, sales agents, installers or crews in the field
  • A mix of retail sales and in the field sales / service
  • You service residential and commercial clients
  • You handle a mix of one time sales and ongoing monthly service contracts
  • You often invoice clients for your work
  • You take deposits and progress payments

We specialize in helping businesses with these diverse needs streamline their payment operations. The results are faster payment, reduced losses to unpaid invoices, faster reconciliation and all at a reduced cost, both in terms of time spent and actual dollars and cents processing cost.

Fundamental to your business:

  • Reducing cost: We’ll map out a plan to drive the cost of your transactions down, drastically, through “interchange optimization”. Our processing platforms allow you to utilize and even automate Level 2 and 3 Interchange qualifications, slashing processing fees on business issued credit cards. We provide built-in loss prevention management that flags transactions with mismatched data. The same platforms allow for mobile integration to get card present transaction rates where you’d otherwise be stuck with higher “keyed” transaction rates. Put it together and we’re typically looking at slashing, not trimming, your total cost to accept credit card payments.
  • Accelerate receivables: You’ll receive comprehensive analysis comparing your TOTAL cost of invoicing clients to the cost of running those payments electronically. Typically we’ll find a specific dollar amount and credit profile below which electronic payments actually cost you LESS than issuing a paper invoice and waiting for payment. We even have options for issuing electronic invoices your clients can pay by credit card or direct bank account debit.
  • Collect on service contracts: If your business relies on service contracts of any sort, you know the feeling of sending out renewal notices and waiting to see who pays. We’ll show you how to slash your attrition rates through electronic payment services like automated recurring payments and website payment forms. Many clients will actually appreciate a “set it and forget it” recurring payment on their credit card or automatically debited from their checking account. Not only will you avoid attrition at renewal, you’ll do so in a way that both increases customer satisfaction and accelerates your accounts receivable.
  • Reconciling multiple payment streams: In most cases, we can combine all our services into one platform. So no matter how you take the payment: mobile payment, in store, card on file, automated recurring, web payment form, electronic invoice, credit debit or ACH – it all flows into one back-end system, accessible under one log in. We even have ways to integrate transactions with QuickBooks. Your bookkeeper thanks you in advance!

 Service: The best part is, Merchant Solutions provides training and ongoing support service from a dedicated Certified Payments Professional, who handles your account from initial consultation to 10 years down the line. Instead of just another help desk, imagine calling a professional who actually understands your question, knows your business, knows you, and can solve on the spot or (gasp) get back to you with the resolution? That’s the Merchant Solutions LLC difference!

Applicable business types:

Moving and storage companies*
Guide services and charter boat*
Cargo and freight services
Glass installation
Auto repair
Flooring installation
Equipment rental
Blinds and window treatment installation
Pool services
General construction
Chimney sweep
Restaurant supply
Refuse removal / Dumpster rental
Granite and marble supply
Industrial supply house
Towing, wrecking, and salvage
Fuel and oil delivery
IT services
Repair services

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