Quickbooks Integration

Like the convenience of Quickbooks® credit card processing, but hate the high fees?

Our integrated QuickBooks provides all the convenience with much, much lower pricing.

There are three kinds of small businesses in the world; those who wish they had the convenience of integrated payments via QuickBooks, those who have the convenience of QuickBooks integrated processing via Intuit, but can’t stand the high fees and lack of service, and those who are already clients of Merchant Solutions LLC and enjoy the best of both worlds. We cordially invite you to become the latter.

If your business is not yet integrating your payments with QuickBooks, the obvious benefit in integrating is the time savings in reconciling payments. You as well will realize fewer missed payments, and perhaps even better, won’t be making collection calls to clients who already paid you but still show as having open invoices in QuickBooks.

If your business is already processing via Intuit, we can provide you the same functionality, just at significant savings on the processing fees, and with greatly improved customer service to boot.

Compatibility: we have compatible options for QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Point of Sale and even Online.

Lower fees: Intuit credit card fee plans are very clear and straightforward, but also very high. We can typically provide considerable savings. Or, if you have a QuickBooks plug-in from another processor, we can still review for rate savings and provide improved support.

Multiple acceptance options: If you process payments in QuickBooks, we have a plugin that allows for this manner of processing. If you process outside of QuickBooks – be it an eCommerce shopping cart, via a mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet, or even manually keying in transactions – we have a synchronization function that will pull this data into QuickBooks and either sync the payment to a matching open invoice, or allow you to import as a cash receipt.

Multiple vendors, multiple options: One thing that’s true about QuickBooks – everyone uses it differently. What is a non-factor for one company is critical to the operations of another. Given that, we have multiple vendors for our QuickBooks integrations, and by understanding your needs we can match you to the best vendor.

Electronic Invoicing: Email an electronic invoice with a “click to pay” link for your client to provide their payment information. Upon payment, the invoice is marked “paid” in QuickBooks.

ACH too!: If your company uses ACH services (direct bank debits) to process payments against invoices, we can synchronize these payments into QuickBooks as well as credit card transactions.   If your business does not accept ACH payments, maybe you should.  Click here to look at the information on our ACH page.

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