Restaurant or Bar

Fast service. Fast transactions. Fast funding. Low rates.

Because one less headache is something every restaurant owner can use.

Hectic. That’s the one word to describe the life of the restaurateur. We get it. More than any other industry, you live in a “real-time” world. With so many variables, you need your payment processing to work, and not be just one more source of frustration. To be fast, efficient, easy to use, and cost-effective.   And when a question does come up, you need it answered like…yesterday.

Here are Merchant Solutions LLC, we provide the following services to help produce the efficiency you need:

An agent: First and foremost. Because you don’t know your 16-digit merchant ID off the top of your head. Because you already explained it to the last rep you spoke to, and got transferred, and have to explain it again. And because you need to figure this out before that party of 12 gets here in an hour. For these reasons and many more, you need to ditch the 1-800 number help desk, and get a merchant account with a dedicated agent. A person, the same person every time, who you call or email directly.  Let us know what you need, we get back to you with the resolution!

Fast funding (same day funding available!): Most restaurants / bars qualify for overnight funding but close too late to get true overnight funding. Your deposit is always delayed by a day. Merchant Solutions LLC now provides SAME DAY FUNDING on transactions. Batch before 5 am eastern, and funds are in your account same business day!

Low rates: We know you get hammered with cold calls and don’t have time to constantly shop and compare rates.   We make it easy by giving rates that start low…and stay there. We’ll provide a clear, easy to understand savings analysis.

No term contract: There is always some uncertainty in change. And nothing is worse than being “stuck” with a bad decision. We alleviate this concern with a no term contract. Give us a try. Our clients stick with us for low rates and outstanding service, not because of cancellation fees.

EMV technology: Eliminate your liability on stolen card fraud with EMV transactions.

  • Our EMV terminal files produce a tip line on the receipt and allow for tip adjustment just like a swiped transaction. We provide a free terminal with your account.
  • With new EMV quick-chip technology, process EMV chip transactions FAST – in an average of 2 seconds!
  • Have a point of sale system? We have plugins and upgrades available to get most systems EMV compliant.   Or upgrade to a new, fully EMV ready device.

Integrate with existing point of sale systems: We are compatible with most point of sale systems. Have an Oracle / Micros system? We’ll reimburse your standard change of service fee, and deal directly with MerchantLink saving you time and money.

Tablet-Based Point of Sale systems: we sell and service Clover tablet-based point of sale systems including the full-size Clover Workstation, the Clover Mini, and even the Clover mobile which allows your waitstaff to send orders to the kitchen and take payment right from the table – no walking away to have to input into a workstation. Cloud-based means no server to maintain, with real-time security updates and enhancement. The Clover App store has over 300 apps handling everything from ingredients tracking to bar pre-auths, to happy hour special automation, to tie-ins for social media, online ordering, etc. Clover is owned by First Data and with over 500,000 workstations in deployment, they aren’t going to “disappear” in a few years like so many other tablet-based point of sale systems. For more information on point of sale please see our POS page.

ATM Service: Ever wonder where that surcharge fee on ATM withdrawals goes? We let you keep the majority of whatever ATM surcharge fee you set; we just charge $.25 for the transaction and you make the rest! As well, by making cash available, you offset your credit card sales, reducing your overall payment acceptance cost. You can also attract incidental sales through increased foot traffic to your business – just keep the good smells wafting over from the kitchen! Finally, you can even skip trips to the bank by depositing your $20 (and even $10) bills into the ATM at the end of the night. Click here for more info on our ATM services.

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