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Retail. It used to be fairly simple – sell quality products at a convenient location for a fair price. And run an ad in the paper every Sunday. Fortunes were made from this simple formula.

If only it could be so easy. Nowadays store management, even for a relatively small operation, involves everything from adding pictures on Instagram to sending offers through Mailchimp, to managing your Groupon offerings, to figuring out why Google still displaying the wrong address. You may be selling simultaneously in your store, on your website, listing products on Amazon, and at a booth at the fair this weekend. Never mind answering the “insert or swipe” question 100 times a day.

So many systems, so much opportunity, and so little time to manage it all. With all the “stuff” out there gnawing at your time, payments just seem like one more thing to manage. However, much of your business management and marketing can occur at the point of the transaction? That’s where we step in.

Point of sale system integrations: Have an existing point of sale system that meets your needs, but need better rates and service on the payment processing side?   We can integrate with many different point of sale systems. We have access to multiple processing platforms and gateways, meaning if there is an integration out there, we probably have it. If your point of sale system is out of PCI Complianc or does not take EMV chips, or just has really high fees you’d like to avoid, we have several ways to separate the processing for you so you can keep the functionality of the POS, but get better rates on the processing.

Tablet-based point of sale systems: Tablet-based point of sale solutions have come a long way in the past several years. Where once only larger retailers could justify using a point of sale system, these systems now make sense for almost any size business.We have different levels of point of sale systems from simply low-cost apps that provide basic inventory management and tax calculations, to systems that will serve much more robust needs, such as Clover and Shopkeep, and can handle everything from online scheduling and social media, to mobile couponing, and table management. And as these systems are cloud based, all enhancements and patches are done real time, and there is no local server to purchase and maintain. The systems are generally “plug and play” with your inventory pre-loaded and just a few simple hardware pieces to connect. For more information on point of sale systems, CLICK HERE

Terminal based processing: If you prefer the simplicity of a credit card terminal, we’ll provide a VeriFone VX520, Pax S80, or FD-130 terminal for your use. No need to lease or purchase, we’ll send a pre-downloaded and ready to use terminal to use free of charge for as long as you process with us. Need additional terminals? Most of our terminals sell for under $200. We are terminal experts as we download, deploy, and troubleshoot them.

Mix of services: Do you sell in your store, but sometimes do events, trade shows or deliveries? Do you sell both in store and online? Or perhaps it’s a mix or retail sales and invoice / wholesale? With multiple sales channels comes the frustration of matching your payments to invoices or inventory. Not with Merchant Solutions LLC. We don’t just provide the means to get paid, we bring order to your payments by understanding your needs, and help you implement the necessary apps and software to consolidate your payment streams into one manageable payment stream.

EMV Quick Chip technology: Still dealing with slow EMV processing? With EMV Quick Chip technology, EMV chip transactions typically process in 2-3 seconds over IP connections. We can upgrade existing terminals or supply new EMV Quick Chip enabled terminals.

An agent: We understand you probably get cold called several times a week about your credit card processing. But here you are looking instead of talking to them, because you know they are essentially glorified telemarketers. And the “specialist” they are so eager to connect you to isn’t that special. Their job is to get you to sign a contract, not to manage your account.  Your business needs an agent – a specific person you work with from your initial consultation, who is the same person to set up your equipment or software, and is the same person who provides advice and assistance years down the line. So in addition to a technical support line, your account comes with a Certified Payments Professional to provide ongoing oversight, guidance, and resolutions.

ATM Service: Ever wonder where that surcharge fee on ATM withdrawals goes? We let you keep the majority of whatever ATM surcharge fee you set; we just charge $.25 for the transaction and you make the rest! As well, by making cash available, you offset your credit card sales, reducing your overall payment acceptance cost. You can also attract incidental sales through increased foot traffic to your business. Finally, you can even skip trips to the bank by depositing your $20 (and even $10) bills into the ATM at the end of the night. Click here for more info on our ATM services.

Rate savings: Did we mention that all this service and operational efficiency comes for LESS total cost than you are currently paying? Send in a statement for review, and we’ll show you in dollars and cents what you can save by working with us.

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