Terminal Based Transactions

Terminal Based Processing

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

While integrated point of sale systems are great for a number of reasons, if you don’t use them, they create more confusion and simply become a distraction. Many processors have gotten overly aggressive in pushing products on clients that the client doesn’t necessarily want, or may not even fit their business.

We get that. If you are the kind of person who likes the way you’re currently doing things but just wants to save money and get service from a dedicated account rep rather than a 1-800 number, we can help.

We’ll make it easy for you by providing a free terminal with no “gotcha”. There is no cost to you for the terminal as long as you continue processing with us. If for any reason you cease processing with us, you simply need to return the terminal. We download it here and test it, so you don’t have to spend half a day setting it up – it comes “plug and play”. And you get the benefit of a dedicated account rep to work with you, not a call center where you never get the same person twice. All with a no term contract, and for less than you’re currently paying.

Free terminal: Your choice of a free Verifone VX520, Pax S80, or FD130 when you open an account with us. You don’t have to purchase or lease it, it’s yours to use at no additional cost for as long as you continue to process with us. We download it, we test it, and ship it to you ready to use saving you the headache of setup.

EMV capable: Our terminals are modern EMV enabled terminals. They will read both EMV chips as well as swiped transactions for cards that still do not have EMV chips.

EMV with tip adjustment: Are you still swiping because your processor doesn’t allow tip adjustments on EMV chip transactions? We can produce a regular restaurant style receipt with a tip line to allow for tip adjustments even on EMV chip transactions. Perfect for restaurants, salons and spas!

IP and dial up: Get FAST processing over IP internet connections! If you’re still waiting more than 5 or 6 seconds for your EMV chip transactions to process, it may be time for a new terminal. Our terminals have built in dial back up, so if you lose internet, it will automatically roll over to the phone line. We provide you a free upgrade.

A la carte options: If you’re like many of our clients, you may find a retail terminal serves the majority of your needs, but you may from time to time need mobile processing. Or a way to input transactions remotely while on the road. Or you need check processing along with your retail terminal. No problem – we can pair only the services you need in addition to your terminal to round out your payment acceptance needs.

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