Web Payment Forms

Want faster payment?  Want more payments? Use a web payment form.

If you make it easier for clients to pay you, they will.  We’ll show you how.

Whether you invoice for goods or services, need to sell a short list of products such as event tickets or gift cards, or you manage a non-profit looking to increase donations, web payment forms are the answer. Web payment forms allow for the convenience of online payment without the hassle of setting up a shopping cart or using a clunky third-party service like Paypal.

A web payment form has several applications, but the “why” is simple – they convert clients from “I’ve been meaning to pay but…” to “paid!” We all lead hectic lives, and generally, don’t carry our checkbooks. However, we all have credit cards and cell phone in our pocket, and can immediately go online to pay that invoice, buy the ticket to the event, make the donation, etc. This is basic consumer psychology, leveraged to your benefit via the web payment form.

As the forms are hosted, there is no additional security needs (SSL, TLS, HTTPS) and no programming required. We’ll set up the branded payment form for you and provide a payment link or button which you add to your website. Your client clicks the link, submits their payment info via our secure forms, and gets a real-time approved or decline response.

Here are just a few of the applications we can help you implement:

Take payment of invoices: If you send paper invoices, include a link to the payment form on the invoice, and watch how much faster you get paid! You may be surprised how often your client is waiting to get paid for someone else to get the cash to write you a check. But they may have plenty of available credit. Tap into that credit and get paid right away.

We can set up payment forms to prompt for invoice numbers, and we even have systems which will automatically link the payment to the open invoice in QuickBooks. Or through our custom API, we can push the data to any other accounting software, CRM, ERP, POS, PMS or (insert acronym here ____) you may desire. (Don’t have an API integrator? Just ask we can help!)

Note: if you are looking for information on electronic invoicing, please see this page on our site.

Sell a short product offering: A great way to offer your non-core products online. For instance, does your business sell a hat or T-shirt, need to collect payment for tickets to your upcoming event, or is a restaurant that wants an easy and cost-effective way to sell gift cards online? Unlike a typical “shopping cart” set up where you add to cart and check out, web payment forms are exactly that – a form where you just check off the quantity of product you want to order, add payment, and submit.

Accept donations: For the non-profit, its all about making it easy for your donors to give, and making it easy for your staff to handle. Web payment forms do just that, allowing you to easily take donations through your website, social media, email campaigns, etc. No coding involved, an easy user interface, and clear reporting. For more information on credit card acceptance for non-profits, please see this page on our site.

ACH and credit options: If your company receives payments via ACH (and if you don’t, find out if you should.  Learn more on this page on our site), our web payment forms can be customized to allow to accept payment via ACH bank draft as well.   Your customer is presented with the ability to either enter their credit card number to process the payment as credit or enter their bank account and routing number and pay by ACH. As you know, the savings by collecting payment via ACH adds up!

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